How can I connect mantra Rd in Mobile?

How do I connect my mantra biometric device to my phone?

Product related issues and FAQs. → Open Mantra Management Client app then and there will be 3 options on top left. device then permission dialog open and give the permission. Device will get connected.

How do I set up Mantra RD Service?

1. Download link for Mantra RD Service Setup. Registered device service of MFS100 is fully compatible with latest Aadhaar Authentication API 2.0 (rev 1). Registered device service Setup for MFS100 is available on our download portal

How do I enable a mantra device?

Install Mantra RD Service & MFS100 Driver Setup. When RD Service will detect public device then it will convert it into registered device and user will be notified again with success response by RD Service. After that you need to unplug and plug your device.

How do I install mantra MFS100?

Start installation: Right click on setup file and select “Run as administrator”. Note: To install MFS100 scanner drivers and necessary service, setup need to access system32 folder. In this case setup need administrator privileges.

How do I register a mantra fingerprint scanner?

Registration of Mantra Fingerprint Scanner MFS 100 for RD Service via Radium Box is really simple. You just have to put your kyc and details of biometric device details such as machine serial in the given link of online form and within 3 to 7 day’s your device will be registered.

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How do I find my mantra serial number?

From CLI of the Mantra Console

  1. Login to the Mantra Console. Connect to the target Mantra appliance.
  2. Select System Config from the main navigation bar.
  3. Select the CLI tab.
  4. Click inside the window and at the prompt enter show tzcustomer. The output displays all contact information configured, including the Appliance ID.

Is RD service free for Mantra?

Performance is good, also RD service not available for free on Mantra’s official website. But Cost is very high from Market rate. In Market this device is available at 1700-1800 but on amazon i bought it for 2400 due to lockdown.

How can I get RD for Jeevan Pramaan?

1) Go to Jeevan Pramaan portal 2) Click on Download link ( ) 3) Provide your valid Email Id and Click on “I Agree to download” button.

How do I enable Rd in Chrome?

– User can go to Settings -> About Device -> Biometric Solution Id if it is v1. 1 then RD service is present and if it is v1.

How do I enable Rd on Google Chrome?


  1. START. Check for BioEnable Client Application. …
  2. In BioEnable Client Application check for Edit Settings.
  3. Select Protocol HTTPS as shown in image. Click “SAVE”
  4. Make changes in browsers accordingly for settings flags only for Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana- Ayushman Bharat.