Frequent question: What games does the Cronus Zen work on?

Cronus Zen allows the use of your favorite gaming controller* on all major gaming platforms, including all versions of PlayStation 5**, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

What games do Cronus Zen support?

Cronus Zen allows the use of your favorite licensed gaming controller on all major gaming platforms, including all versions of PlayStation 5*, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Does Cronus Zen work on all games?

Cronus Zen works with all games except for a few PS5 games that do not support “PS4 Speciality Mode”.

What can you do with a Cronus Zen?

What is a Cronus Zen and how does it work in Call of Duty and Warzone? A Cronus Zen is a small device that players connect to their controllers or PCs. It can be used with almost any console or controller, and allows players to mod their gaming equipment to give them an inherent (and unfair) advantage in-game.

Does Cronus Zen give you aimbot?

Cronus The Zen allows players to cheat in Warzone. Because it is not an explicit ‘aimbot’ or ‘wallhack’, it can be more difficult to identify in enemy killcams.

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Can you get banned for using Cronus Zen on Fortnite?

No. Cronus Zen uses stealth technology and is 100% fully undetectable online due to how we use an original controller for its security ID.

Is using Cronus Zen cheating?

Is a Cronus Zen cheating? The answer, of course, is yes. When applying and using the scripts, the device will need to access players’ game settings. That means it can be detected by Warzone’s anti-cheat software and violates the game’s usage terms.

Is Cronus Zen better than XIM apex?

Which is better Cronus Zen or xim apex? They’re used for two different purposes. XIM has by far the best mouse aim translation, but doesn’t support cheat mods for ethical reasons (it’s not a cheat device). Zen has poor mouse aim translation (very obvious on diagonals), but supports cheat mods.

Can Activision detect Cronus Zen?

Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat may soon be able to detect Cronus and XIM users, Activision reveals. Recently, a small group of influencers were able to ask Activision some questions about its new RICOCHET software.

How do I download aimbot on ps4?

Go to the Settings menu in-game. Navigate to the Controller Options section of the Settings. Under Sensitivity set Advanced Options to On. Make sure the Aim Assist Strength is set to 100% (or lower if you prefer).

Can I get aimbot on Xbox?

It is pretty easy to get aimbot or hacks on consoles that have been jailbroken but other consoles such as Xbox One, Series X, Series S, and PS5 are very secure. The only way to get aimbot on these consoles is by using a third-party input device such as the Cronus Zen or XIM Apex.

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