How can I improve my spiritual sight?

What is your spiritual vision?

We often refer to our spiritual eyes like this: “My mind’s eye” or the “eyes of my heart.” Like peripheral vision, spiritual sight is not necessarily distorted, but a type of visual twilight. It is not our imagination, wishful thinking or psychic imagery.

What does the Bible say about spiritual vision?

The beautiful thing about serving a mighty God like ours is that He is all-seeing and all-knowing. There are no limits to the wisdom and vision that He gives as He shows us things to come through His Word and His Holy Spirit.

How do you know if your dream is spiritual?

Dreams that are connected to waking life and eventually came true? These meaningful dreams could be coming from spirit guides.

Here are three common signs they are:

  1. Repeating plotlines. …
  2. Characters that guide you through the dream. …
  3. Dreams with an ethereal quality.

Can a dream be a vision?

Is there a difference between a dream and a vision? Reality dictates that while visions are comprised of dreams, dreams are not visions. Dreams are flights of fancy. Visions are directives.

What are the deeper things of God?

The Deep Things of God shows that the faith which we held so delicately at our baptism is an expression of our personal relationship with Father, Son and Spirit. We live out The Deep Things of God every time we pray to the Father by the Son and through the Spirit.

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Is it compulsory to close eyes when praying?

To prevent the mind from wandering.

The mind can easily wander and closing our eyes helps us in preventing our hearts from wandering in the midst of prayers. Although praying with our eyes closed is not a law and it is not compulsory, but it is a necessity for us to be effective when we pray.

How do you pray for divine protection?

Lord God, I pray for Your protection as I begin this day. You are my hiding place, and under Your wings I can always find refuge. Protect me from trouble wherever I go, and keep evil far from me.