Does Cosmic Kids Yoga make money?

How much does Cosmic Kids app cost?

Only $10/month or a $65/year subscription fee.

What’s most important is that your child or student can practice yoga and mindfulness in a safe and encouraging environment for an affordable price. The Cosmic Kids App will give you peace of mind.

Who runs Cosmic Kids Yoga?

Meet Jaime Amor of Cosmic Kids Yoga.

Will someone else occupy my children!” And there she was on YouTube, a woman with the indefatigable cheer of an elementary school teacher and the thick, dark hair of a Disney princess, ready to lead my daughters on a 30 minute Moana yoga adventure.

Where is Jaime from Cosmic Kids Yoga from?

I’m Jaime Amor. I grew up in Reading, England and studied acting at Bristol Old Vic. After I graduated (in between grown-up acting work) I entertained kids at birthday parties.

Is Cosmic Kids Yoga religious?

We share it in the form of a fun story-based physical exercise to help kids feel grounded and balanced. We avoid all religious content whatsoever so as many kids as possible can access the physical and mental benefits of yoga movement.

How much does Cosmic yoga cost?

Is Cosmic Kids Yoga free? Currently, many of the online sessions such as those on Youtube, as well as the fun sheets and guided meditation scripts are totally free!

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Is Cosmic yoga good for kids?

Helps children develop a positive image of their body and an awareness of how to look after it. Develops sensory awareness – kids learn to notice what’s going on in their body and mind while they’re in postures.

Is Cosmic Kids Yoga good for adults?

Cosmic Kids Yoga isn’t perfect, at least for adults. It moves faster than I would like for my stretches and is loud, but its effect at transitioning kids from the couch to the mat, and creating a space to introduce them to the benefits of a routine wellness practice are invaluable.

Where does Jaime Amor live?

Amor decided to leave her life as a struggling actor in London and train as a yoga teacher in a rural area west of the city. Around 2010, she began teaching yoga lessons to children near her new home in Henley-on-Thames. Soon, she was videotaping her scripted stories.

Is Cosmic Kids British or Australian?

The easiest way to achieve 30 minutes and 32 seconds of comparative quiet in our house is by turning on a Frozen-themed yoga class created by Cosmic Kids Yoga, a YouTube channel established by Jaime Amor, a British yoga teacher, together with her husband, Martin.

Who started Cosmic yoga?

Cosmic Kids is the world’s number one kids’ yoga app. Back in 2011, husband and wife team Martin and Jaime started making yoga videos for children to watch on YouTube.

What is cosmic yoga?

Founded in 2012, we are team of friends working together to smuggle in the benefits of yoga and mindfulness while kids are having fun. We use stories, role-play and a good portion of silliness to make yoga and mindfulness fun for kids.

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